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The main reason Lifestyle Motives is here, is to give you the TOOLS to make a new healthy lifestyle WORK FOR YOU! The services provided aim for you to grow as a person and gain knowledge about health and nutrition in a practical way. Use the form above to schedule an appointment today.

Coaching –                     $200 –  2 sessions/month w/ 6-month program commitment

                                         $10 – Breakthrough Session (fee waived if program purchased)

Detox Plans –                $80– 5-day detox plan. Complete with instructions and smoothie recipes as well as a form to document any difficulties, emotional changes and body changes noticed during the plan.

Kitchen Clean Up –         $100 and up – Done with the client in their home. WE go through and label what the client eats ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘rarely’. After discussing what foods are best and how to re-stock cabinets and the refrigerator, we re-label and put everything up. Pricing dependent on the amount of food present and the number of hours needed.

Grocery Shopping –       $80 – Done with the client and based on budget, meal plan, goals, location and allergies in mind. Client must pay for purchases individually. Trips consist of tips on navigating the grocery store, selecting healthier choices, food label reading and comparison.

Cooking Lessons/Little Chef Classes –          $100 – per lesson. Done with client and/or children with their foods of choice in home. Every one will work together to make a menu of foods (up to 4 dishes) that are healthy and tasty! Can be done on an individual basis or as part of a birthday party or celebration. Special pricing will apply for parties/events*

Speaking/Presentations – Prices vary – group presentations, speaking engagements, health classes and more.

*Family Deals and Partner Plans available upon request*


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